Building an ePortfolio platform:

As Director of Arts ISIT I led a project to build an ePortfolio tool from scratch on the Wordpress platform. Collaborating with Jason Myers, Michael Ha, Letitia Henville, Heidi May, Ricardo Serrano, Angela Lam, Leanna Chow, and Julie Walchli, we did it.

We conceived, designed, programmed, tested, deployed, iterated, documented, marketed, and supported a custom-made Wordpress-based ePortfolio service at the Faculty of Arts at UBC.

We now have over 1000 student users.

A project like this is tough! The toughest part is promoting usage by students independently and by instructors as part of their courses.

The full story is a portfolio of its own built on the platform!

You're on my own portfolio now on the platform. How meta!



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Learning Significance

  1. My reflections on what was learned are all at the project's own portfolio site, referenced above.